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3 Ways To Use Your Plastic Roll Banners

Here's some ingenious and useful ways to use plastic roll banners for your radio station, company or event.

1. Cut Them Up Them Up


Your plastic roll banners can easily be torn off at the perforations. Like Kiss FM (pictured left), you can hand out the roll banners in pieces and have your audience get crazy with them!


Banners on a roll are not just for covering fences and event boundaries, they can be easily transformed into mementos, sun covers, wraps for kids, a mat for sitting on the grass... the list goes on for plastic roll banner uses.

2. Cover it. All Of It



Got hundreds upon hundreds of feet of fencing? Just cover it up with plastic roll banners and make it look stunning with your logo. Banners on a roll are the cheapest way to plaster your logo along literally the entire length of the fencing at your event.


In our experience, we have seen that plastic roll banners as a great supplement to their existing signage. Instead of investing in large screens, big banners and similar, budget-heavy marketing items, buying several thousand feet of plastic roll banners will provide you with a one size fits all marketing plan for every inch of your event space. Ask us for more info on how you can save money at your next event.


3. Control Traffic Like No Cop Can


Why not direct traffic while branding your company at the same time? With plastic roll banners, you can quickly create boundaries using your logo. 


Today, it's old and stodgy to use people and stark fencing to create traffic flow at events. Push your logo into your audience's eyes, and help them find their way at the same time. Roll banners will also save you from buying fencing you don't really need.

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