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How To Make Colors Stand Out


When ordering your plastic roll banners, your logo is obviously the most important element. With careful design consideration, you can ensure that no matter where you set up your plastic roll banners or how you use them, you'll always place your logo inside the eyeballs of your audience.


"Using PMS colors, we can specify the exact color match of your design, right down to the exact shade you need."


PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. This system allows us to match colors that may look different from screen to screen. However, there's a critical element in color matching that is often overlooked: exact color matching is only possible when the surface print area is solid white. Exact shades of colors are always created on white backgrounds, so it's only possible to nail the PMS color if you print your roll banners on a white poly.


We stock yellow and white poly, but if your company needs any other color poly, we can order whichever color you need for your plastic roll banners.


To learn more about which poly is the right one for you, please contact us and we'll have one of our roll banner experts help you right away.

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