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Top 3 Things To Know For Selling Plastic Roll Banners

You won't sell effectively without these tips. Read on:

1. Is Your Customer Using Old Art?


If the answer is yes, you'll most likely not close the deal. Creating printing plates for artwork is a significant upfront cost, and your customer will waste money creating new plates for a new printer, if they already have the old plates.


This is the number one question when selling plastic roll banners. Only once you've cleared this hurdle can you proceed with selling. 

2. How Many Feet Does Your Client Need?


At Plastic Roll Banners INC, our minimum order run for plastic roll banners is 3,000 ft. We need to justfiy the time-costs for set up, cleaning print hoses, press and ink stations, matching your art with PMS colors and so on.


It doesn't make sense to buy 65 dozen eggs - unless you're a restaurant. If your customer is not on the scale of 3,000 ft or longer, we will most often recommend vinyl roll banners. Vinyl roll banners can meet your customers' needs perfectly, in most cases.



3. Does Your Customer Need 4cp?


Chances are, your customer does NOT need 4 color process. Unless the artwork contains 6 colors or more, or if there's a need for precise skin tones and other very slight nuances, spot color is the way to go when printing banners on a roll.


Spot color plastic roll banner printing is a lot less expensive, and the minimum run is 3,000 ft. 4cp minimum order length is 10,000 ft. 


This can be confusing at first. Give us a shout today and we'll be happy to explain and help you sell roll banners most effectively. 





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